Thank you for your interest to work with Arkad Capital. Rest assured we handle all leads with the utmost professionalism and customer care. Our loans are not only structured to close fast but we also enable our clients to close more often. In fact, it’s easier to close successive loans since we already have all their pertinent information in our database.

Arkad Capital’s BROKER+ program is for real estate professionals who want to make sure their clients are well & efficiently FUNDED, while earning for their work and DILIGENCE.

✅ Do you communicate well with team members
✅ Do you upkeep client relations
✅ Are you social media SAVVY
✅ Are you open to training + new systems
✅ Are you already brokering? [ big plus ] 

One of the following three:  
✅ 1-3 deals done as an investor  
✅ 1-3 deals done as an wholesaler   
✅ 1 yr as a realtor or loan officer 

Arkad Capital stands out from the rest because we understand your client’s needs at a different level … and our programs and guidelines reflect it. We also fully get your position and want to make sure you thrive with Arkad Capital.

⭐️ 16 yrs of house flipping, building, rental and, developing experience.
⭐️ We offer PERK’s to repeat borrowers: 6 months, closing costs and downpayment deferment.
⭐️ We offer a fully committed account representative who’ll always be there.
⭐️ We offer SOW, Lease, projections, and strategy reviews at no cost.
⭐️ We guarantee effective communication with Broker partners.
⭐️ No paper chasing: digital uploading through processors.
⭐️ Fast, accurate and affordable pricing. Usually within hours from submitting.
⭐️ Repeat pay and Exclusive Client representation.
⭐️ We offer exclusive inventory we buy in bulk.
⭐️ Bilingual Staff a phone call away for you and your clients.
⭐️ We are fast. Very fast. Our average closing is 3 weeks and 3 days.
⭐️ Automated POF – Your updated POF will come automatically (60 days).
⭐️ ✅ Brokers Qualify for our REWARDS PROGRAM.
⭐️ ✅ Brokers can Join our Facebook PRIVATE MASTERMIND.

If you want to join Arkad Capital’s Broker+ Program, fill out the form below to get started 👇🏼