Leveraging Private Money with Arkad Capital

Leveraging Private Money for Real Estate

πŸŽ₯πŸ”΄Β Learn how you can begin leveraging private money for Real Estate and make this year, YOUR YEAR! 🏘️ πŸ’Έ

Before you begin leveraging private money you may be wondering …

βœ… How does one use private money for real estate?
βœ… What are the benefits of using private money?
βœ… How does one go about finding and securing private money?
βœ… How do you bring the best of both worlds? Hard & Private Money
βœ… How do you structure a deal properly?

We’ll answer all your questions regarding leveraging private money for Real Estate.


Hear from one of the biggest Private and Hard Money lenders and house flipping companies in New Jersey. Join Mario Camino, head of Arkad Capital and Arkad Group, and Ryan Paliukaitis, the host of REIunite, as they discuss private money and leveraging private money for real estate. As someone who sits on both sides of the table , Mario can guide you on how to bring hard and private money together.

Ryan Paliukaitis, the host of REIunite, has helped hundreds of homeowners quickly sell their New Jersey homes since 2009. Ryan also created the Facebook group, Reunite – an online community that strives to connect real estate professionals through the use of technology. The goal of the group is to share information, educate investors of all experience levels, and bring together all real estate groups/professionals of New Jersey. Educate, network, and profit is the moto!

Mario Camino is the head of Arkad Capital – an entity created to serve as a reliable and affordable lending conduit to the rehabbing funding industry. An entity connecting with borrowers at a level hardly seen from other lenders in the industry.Β Mario has become an expert at locating and acquiring underutilized property in key locations within growing cities & emerging NJ sub-markets. He’s well versed in securing approvals, financing, entitlements, and all the necessary pieces needed for complex real estate development projects to materialize; which are then positioned as catalyst for the revitalization of downtowns, CBD’s and TOD’s districts.


About Arkad Capital:

βœ… Arkad Capital offers highly competitive terms, industry knowledge, and outside of the box lending. Our goal is to collectively work towards your success by bringing value to your business and providing capital for Real Estate projectsΒ πŸ’°

πŸ” Need Money for Real Estate? πŸ’Έ
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