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NJBIZ Leaders In Finance 2021 Honoree: Mario Camino, co-founder and CEO of Arkad Capital

NJBIZ has revealed the 2021 Leaders in Finance honorees.

The NJBIZ Leaders in Finance Awards celebrates New Jersey’s financial executives at all levels who contribute to their companies’ success and their community. Honorees were selected by their peers as a model of professionalism and as someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Following an open nomination period, honorees were chosen by a panel of independent judges with experience in the financial field. Congratulations to Arkad Capital’s co-founder and CEO, Mario Camino II, on being an NJBIZ 2021 Leaders in Finance Honoree. The 2021 Leaders in Finance honorees selections were made based on the nominees’ involvement in their industries and communities, their achievements, energy, and innovative ideas.

We will be celebrating the Leaders in Finance at a virtual live-streamed event on March 25th from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. We hope to see you all at the awards ceremony. You may register for the event beginning March 1st on NJBIZ.com.

You're Invited: NJ BIZ 2021 Leader in Finance Honoree

Q&A with Mario Camino of Arkad Capital:

What do you consider to be your greatest contribution to your company’s/client’s growth and profitability?

The most significant contribution that I’ve made to my new venture, Arkad Capital, was bringing my real estate experience, capital, resources, and branding background. I started Arkad Group soon after graduating from Rutgers University. I began buying, fixing, and selling small single-family homes in Central New Jersey. That scaled to a lot more homes, rentals, new builds, and apartment buildings. We’ve been actively investing in New Jersey for over 15 years. About four years ago, we decided to diversify and launch our own private lending/hard money company, Arkad Capital, with the intent to cater to investors of all sizes. Our goal was to bring to the market a product that was affordable, understandable and efficient.

As borrower’s ourselves, we felt that the industry needed some improvement. Fees were high, and rates were astronomical! We were able to cut the cost of rates, eliminate junk fees, and open opportunities to entry-level investors.

Our already existing branding (Arkad) was another catalyst for rapid growth and success. As we launched Arkad Capital, most of our initial borrowers were people with whom we’ve already done business in New Jersey. They felt more comfortable doing business with Arkad Capital because one of their “own” was lending to them.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about your career?

People think that the only way they can finance their real estate projects is through banks. BIG MISCONCEPTION! The loan programs we offer at Arkad Capital are more efficient and less intrusive than most traditional banks. Making private loans accessible to the average real estate investor is one of our primary missions.

Our team is multi-lingual, which allows us to have an incredible reach to submarkets that didn’t otherwise know of our product’s existence. Our team has a combined following of over 10,000 predominantly composed real estate professionals.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I enjoy sharing my hands-on-experience with real estate investing when speaking with clients/borrowers. I get to give my input and touch hundreds of real estate investors’ lives and business decisions weekly. I get to handcraft the safest and most affordable loan in hopes of a win-win outcome. They get to grow their investment career while I get to scale. It’s a beautiful thing to grow together. Secondly, knowing that our hard lending company is the byproduct of our real estate investment story inspires me and others every day.

What type of charities or community involvement are you a part of?

I’m a big promoter of the redevelopment of downtown Plainfield, New Jersey. I first started investing in downtown Plainfield roughly eight years ago. I also happen to reside in Plainfield, New Jersey – The Queen City. I’m involved in several organizations that promote a better life for my neighbors and a safer investing area in general:

    • Plainfield Special Improvement District, Chairman (2019 – Present)
    • Historic and Preservation, Commissioner (2018 – Present)
    • Obama Green Charter School, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees (2017 – 2019)
    • Boys Mentoring at Queen City Academy, Guest Speaker (2018)
    • 2024 Committee for Plainfield

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