A dream team of real estate professionals disrupting the Hard money industry

The arkad way

Arkad Capital is the creation of three real estate entrepreneurs and their constant pursuit of higher real estate investing performance. With combined Main St. and Wall St. Knowledge, Arkad Capital brings great value to its borrowers by offering highly competitive terms, industry knowledge, and outside of the box lending. Arkad Group began as a residential fix and flip powerhouse and has evolved into a multifaceted real estate investing corporation with positions in rental portfolios, commercial property, and new construction development while still maintaining an aggressive rehabbing strategy. Arkad Capital is the most recent addition to our group of companies.

what sets us apart

Before we were lenders, we were borrowers. As our business grew, we realized that there was always something missing. There were things that just didnโ€™t make sense. So, we decided to create something that would feel great. A company that focused on bringing rates & terms that would simply disrupt to an old, greedy industry. We focused on lowering rates and fees and increasing costumer service, while โ€œfillingโ€ industry gaps along the way and getting rid of all the terms that were once a โ€œdisadvantageโ€ to borrowers.

low rates and fees

Low Rates & Fees

LOW RATES/FEES - We're setting the standard for affordable rates and superb customer service! As developers/lenders ourselves, we understand your needs and how important it is for money to stay in YOUR pocket. Our rates are as low as 5.5%
fast real estate processing


SPEED & DECISION MAKING - We decide what to do with out capital.
reliable guidance

Arkad Perks

PERKS - We can take care of your payments so you can focus on whats important. Your projects. This also allows you to take on more projects at the time! We can cover monthly payments, closing costs, and even down payments on your next project.
exclusive real estate inventory

Exclusive Inventory

EXCLUSIVE - Get pre-approved with us and gain access to our exclusive inventory of Pre-Funded Auctioned Properties. All the work has been done for you, eliminating the stress in finding your next deal.
auction sale financing

Out of the box financing

TAILORED LENDING - Locked up a good auction deal? Canโ€™t get inside the house and your current lender wonโ€™t fund it? Worried about losing your deposit? Arkad Capital will lend on drive-by appraisals!
scaling up

Helping You Scale GROWTH 10x

LET'S GROW TOGETHER - Just starting out or are you are a seasoned investor? Benefit from our proven systems guiding you through every step of the way: from acquisition, financing, budgeting, project management, to liquidations.

Featured Programs for 2022

real estate lending


10+ Completed Flips or 10+ Rentals in last 3 years.

Rates start at 9.95% + 1.5 Points

Up to 90% Purchase Costย 

100% of Rehab Costs

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real estate private lending


3 – 9 Completed Flips or 3+ Rentals in last 3 years.

Rate: 10.95% + 1.75 Points

Up to 90% Purchase Cost

100% of Rehab Costs

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real estate financing


0 – 3 Completed Flips or 3+ Rentals in last 3 years.

Rate: 11.95% + 2 Points

Up to 80% Purchase Cost

100% of Rehab Costs

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